Some pics of STABO extraction in Korea during my second tour, 1979-1980.


Ropes run out from the sides of the helicopter.

"Extractee" ties himself onto the ropes.

As the helicopter lifts, the extractees meet in the middle and clip their harnesses together.

And off they go.

600 ft and all's well.

In the center of the pic, you can see the "cargo" hanging on for dear life.

I just couldn't resist taking a pic in flight when it was my turn.

Here's what it looked like from the the end of my rope.

We did some rappelling, too. This 300ft cliff is on Cheju-do off the southern coast of Korea.

Here's the start of the run.

Almost in the center you can see one of our team heading down "Australian" style.

Rope bridge across an inlet.

Yours truly traversing. The hard part was preventing your hands from getting caught up in the carabiner.